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    Base Camp Orientation

    Base Camp Header

    The Trojan Family is excited to welcome you to campus for Base Camp Orientation. To provide the best possible experience and great hospitality to all attendees, the following changes have been made to our Base Camp sessions:
    • All students will be required to register for a Base Camp session.

    • Each student will be limited to two guests for their Base Camp session.

    • All registrations will serve as an acknowledgement and agreement to the Safety and Acknowledgement of Risk form.

    • Students will be able to review their schedules at Base Camp.

    If you have any questions about this information, please contact Student Involvement at or via phone at (864) 622-6029.
    We cannot wait to see you on campus for Base Camp and are even more excited you are joining the Trojan Family.

    On behalf of the Trojan Family, your journey awaits.


    To register for Base Camp, use the calendar feature at the bottom of this page to select the date you would like to attend. Please note the recommended sessions based on your college department and major.


    College of Arts and Science (CAS): June 21, June 22, July 18, July 20, July 21
    College of Health Professions (CHP): June 21, June 22, July 19, July 20, July 21
    College of Business (COB): June 21, June 23, July 18, July 20
    Center for Cybersecurity (CYB): June 20, June 22, July 19
    College of Education (COED): June 20, June 23, July 18, July 19
    College of Engineering (COEN): June 20, June 23, July 19
    School of Interior Design (SID): June 20, July 21
    College of Christian Studies (CCS): June 23, July 21
    School of Public Service and Administration (SPSA): June 20, July 21
    South Carolina School of the Arts (SCSA): June 20, June 23, July 18, July 19
    Undecided Majors: June 21, June 22, July 18, July 20, July 21

    Need to know which college/school your major is in? Click here


    Session 1, June 20: Recommended for SCSA, COED, COEN, CYB, SID, SPSA
    Session 2, June 21: Recommended for CAS, CHP, COB, Undecided
    Session 3, June 22: 
    Recommended for CAS, CHP, CYB, Undecided
    Session 4, June 23:
     Recommended for COB, SCSA, COED, COEN, CCS
    Session 5, July 18: 
    Recommended for CAS, COB, SCSA, COED, Undecided
    Session 6, July 19: 
    Recommended for CHP, SCSA, COED, COEN, CYB
    Session 7, July 20: 
    Recommended for CAS, CHP, COB, Undecided
    ​​​​​​​Session 8, July 21:
    Recommended for CAS, CHP, CCS, SID, SPSA, Undecided 

    You will then be asked to log-in to your Admission Portal to complete your registration form. Please note: Your username is the same email address that you entered when applying to AU. If you're unsure of your username, contact your Admission Counselor and they'll be happy to help. If you forgot your password, no worries. Please click the "Reset Password" button on the log-in page.

    All new students (including transfer students) are required to pay a one-time orientation fee that supplements the new student's orientation experience during the student's entire first-year experience at Anderson University. This fee covers the cost of your Base Camp Orientation program, including guests and all first-year experience activities during your first year at Anderson. The fee is paid at the point of Base Camp registration.

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